Paralysis or Brain Stroke


Improvement in Walk, Speech & Moments with in short period…….


Don’t Loose Hope.

Panchakarma for Paralysis Treatment

You may have tried a lot and exhausted and lost hope. Wait a minute, It’s your last search, Don’t search any more.

A Special 3 Dimension treatment available for Paralysis

We’re treating Paralysis cases with a good recovery rate & improvement with in 30 to 60 days, improvement in walk, in Speech as well as hand moments.

Panchakarma, A Promisisng way for Paralysis and allows you to get well soon and removes endless stresses and struggles of life.

‘Say “No” To Neurological Problems

My life bacame hopeless when i had paralysis. Ayurvedic treatment at Shasta made me like a normal person. Now i am able to go to work .Amazing service at Shasta Ayurvedic Center .

Subba Raju

Paralysis Patient after Treatment

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